MUS Press Office
Dated: 2nd March 2020


Over the last couple of days, reports have emerged which have shown shocking scenes from the streets of India, where mobs of Hindutva extremists have killed 40 people, with hundreds more injured.

The mainstream media is presenting this as Muslims vs Hindus, however it’s clear from multiple sources that the BJP governments Hindutva extremists are specifically targeting Muslims, their places of worship as well as attacking peaceful protesters.
The mayhem is the continuation and escalation of the unrest surrounding the governments new draconian citizenship bill, which effectively singles out Muslims from having any right to claim citizenship if they came as settlers in India and after having left neighbouring Pakistan, Afghanistan or Bangladesh.

The unrest in the capital began on Sunday in north-east Delhi, when a local leader from Modi’s BJP party, Kapil Mishra, threatened to remove – with force if necessary – a group of Muslim protesters who had been peacefully blocking a local road in protest against a controversial new citizenship amendment act (CAA), which has been seen as discriminatory against Muslims.
Disturbing reports and videos have gone viral showing police officers targeting Muslim protestors, brutally beating them and forcing them to sing the national anthem, ostensibly to prove their loyalty to India.

The response from the Indian government has been inadequate so far and we call on the international community to unite in ensuring the most basic of human rights; the right to peaceful protest, the right to citizenship in the country of your birth which is at stake for millions of Muslims in India.
It is the same government that revoked article 370 of the constitution in August last year which has afforded special protection for Jammu & Kashmir.
This decision left 8 million citizens detained with little to no access to the outside world, with limited access to medical and food suppliers as well as total blackout with no access to the internet.
What can we do about it?
1. Write to your local MP – Raise the issue in your own words. You should focus on getting the UK government to openly condemn the acts of violence whilst also applying diplomatic pressure on the Indian government to ensure law and order is upheld with all perpetrators brought to justice as soon as possible.

2. Attend Protests – Keep a look out for protests arranged by known and reputable organisations, and attend with family
3. Petitions – Sign online petitions that seek the UK government to apply further pressure on India’s adoption of such discriminative laws.
We also would like to remind the Muslim community to continue maintaining cordial relations with our Hindu neighbours and friends in the UK. Those who have acted in this way are not representative of the majority of the Hindu community who want to live in peace and we must resist any attempt to create divisions and rifts between our communities.

We pray for the hastening of the reappearance of the Twelfth Imam (aj).
Majlis e Ulama e Shia (Europe) –