Amidst the rubble

It was nothing short of an apocalypse that sent shockwaves to the surrounding areas, when an explosion devastated the city of Beirut at 6 pm local time on the 4th of August 2020. The successive explosions tore the city to tethers, obliterating everything in their path leaving a grim trail of the cataclysm that will imprint the minds and hearts of those who witnessed it, for years to come. This disaster has linked itself to a more or less similar saga more than a century ago in Halifax Canada which claimed 2000 lives and left 9000 injured in the aftermath of two warships, loaded with explosives, colliding and levelling two square kilometres of the city.

The shockwaves of the Beirut blast according to Wall Street Journal were felt in Cyprus some 150 miles away. As it stands, the root cause of the explosion is attributed to the ammonium nitrate, a somewhat benign flammable chemical when manifested as a fertilizer. This chemical according to some biomedical engineers has also been used as a rocket fuel whose benignant nature morphs into a fuel-frenzied explosive when it flirts with oxygen.

With passing minutes and a developing story, the fissure of gloom will widen and deepen as the death toll will rise. We are all witnessing the woes and wailing chants of the families and friends of the deceased and the least we can do as human beings and Muslims is to align our hearts with the Lebanese brothers and sisters to share their grief, to position ourselves amidst the material wreckage of their prized possessions, experience the same loss, and play a pivotal role to whittle down the effects of this calamity. Now is the time for a multi-dimensional approach towards assisting Lebanon by raising funds, sending the emotional outpour personally and through the social media, help in the reconstruction of the city and most importantly pray for the unfortunate dead.

Majlis Ulema Shia Europe (MUS) offers its deep condolences to the friends and families of those who lost their precious lives in this incident. MUS stands shoulder to shoulder with the Lebanese in these testing times and pray to Allah to grant patience and steadfastness to the affected family members who have suffered this unbearable loss. We pray to Allah to protect all humanity from all sorts of unforeseen calamities inshaAllah.

When the smog will clear, when the definitive version of the story will surface, we will then know if it was the consequence of a slipshod storage of a chemical or a carefully orchestrated assault on Beirut to stoke up the dicey political state of affairs gripping the region of Middle East.

Dead ones tell no tales but time will tell inshaAllah

‘Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihe Rajioun’


By Maulana Kazim Maroofi