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Imam Hasan, his Imamate and peace treaty

 His Caliphate  On the 21st night of the Ramadan of 40th Hijra Imam Ali (PBUH) passed away making all the people sorrowful and grieved. Imam Hassan (PBUH) who was 27 years of age came along with the people to the mosque and climbed the tribune and said, “Last night, a man, who was unique in knowledge piety, conduct and character among the previous ages people ... Read More »

Morality Of Imam Hassan (A.S) part 1

 Quoting his grandfather, Imam al-Sadiq (A.S) has reported: Hassan ibn `Ali ibn Abu-Talib was the most pious, the most devoted and the best of the people of his time. When he was on Hajj, he would often walk on foot and on many occasions bare-footed to the Holy Mosque.  He would cry or be fainted whenever he remembered death, grave, ... Read More »

Morality Of Imam Hassan (A.S) part 2

 Write Down Your Needs A man came to the presence of Imam Hassan asking him to fulfill his needs. The Imam said, “Write down you needs and give it to us.”‌ When he read his letter, he gave him twice the amount he had asked for. One of those present said, “How blessed this letter was!”‌ The Imam said: It ... Read More »

Martyrdom of Imam Hassan (A.S)

Name: al-Hasan. Title: al-Mujtaba. Agnomen: Abu Muhammad. Father’s name: ‘All Amir al-Mu’minin. Mother’s name: Fatimah (daughter of the Holy Prophet). Birth: In Medina on Tuesday, 15th Ramadan 3 AH. Death: Died at the age of 46, in Medina on Thursday, 28th Safar 50 AH; buried in Jannatu ‘I-Baqi, in Medina. IMAM HASAN was the eldest son of Imam ‘Ali and ... Read More »

The signs of the departure of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) carried out the mission of his Lord to His people perfectly. He saved them from ignorance and bad habits and freed their minds from their rigidity and guide them to see the vast horizons of the noble life in this world and the afterword. The Prophet (PBUH) suffered all kinds of calamities and hardships from the tyrants ... Read More »

Imam Khomeini’s Statements on Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

  · God’s blessing and peace be upon the Holy Prophet Muhammad who rose against pagans and oppressors alone, and hoisted the flag of unity in favor of the poor; he didn’t fear the lack of forces or the limited number of his companions while he had no military equipments. He attacked rebellious and wicked oppressors only with the power of ... Read More »

The Death and Burial of the Holy Prophet (PBUH)

During the last moments of his life, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) opened his eyes and asked for his brother to be called. All those present understood that he meant no one other than Ali. When Imam Ali (A.S) arrived, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) raised his cloak and took him under its cover. He then placed his head on the chest ... Read More »

The Last Hours of the Holy Prophet (PBUH)

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) returned from the Farewell Haj at the end of the month of Zilhaj of 10 A.H. After passing the one month of Muharram, he fell ill at the beginning of Safar 11 A.H. At that time, news was received that the Romans to the north west of Arabia were preparing to attack the Muslim capital of ... Read More »