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A smile is a language

A smile is a language even a baby understands. It costs nothing but it creates much. It happens in a flash but the memory of it may last forever. Keep on smiling! Read More »

Debates of Imam Reza with Scholars

On various occasions, Ma’moon tried to force Imam Reza (PBUH) into the arena of complex debates with various groups and creeds. He used to conduct scientific and intellectual sessions to which he invitedgiant thinkers, leading scientists, the atheists of the century, and debaters whose scientific might was feared and before the stubbornness of whose complex arguments the evidence was muted and due to ... Read More »

Divine Knowledge of Imam Reza (as)

He inherited the knowledge of his grandfather the Messenger of God (S.A.W.), thus becoming its pioneering fountainhead that quenched the thirst of those who were thirsty for knowledge. History narrates a great deal of his scholarly stances and intellectual discourses in which he achieved victory over those who opposed the Divine Message, excelling in various branches of scholarship with which ... Read More »

Life History of Imam Reza(A.S)

His life in Medina Before traveling to Marv, Imam Reza (PBUH) lived in Medina; city where the shrine of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) and his fathers grave exists. He was occupied with guiding people, indicating Islamic educations and Prophets (PBUH&HP) Sirah (manner and behavior).  People of Medina loved him and assumed him as their father. Although he had spent most of his life in ... Read More »

Imam Raza (as) and command of Allah

The people of king Mamun Rashid were very angry that he had made our 8th Imam, Imam Raza (as), his heir. To show Imam Raza (as) that they did not respect him, the servants of Mamun Rashid decided that when 8thImam, Imam Raza (as) came to the court they would not open the doors, or lift up the curtains for Imam Raza (as) to pass through. That day when Imam Raza (as) came to the court, ... Read More »

Reward of Ziyarat of Imam Raza (A.S.)

This Imam-e-Gareebul Guraba is our eighth Imam. Accordingly below published are eight ahadis to encourage the faithful to undertake his Ziyarat. These Ahadis have been taken from the Farsi book –Tohfatur Razviyyah:– 1. Janaab Shaikh Tusi in “Tehzeeb-ul-Ahkaam” and Janaab Saduq in “Oyun-ul-Akhbaar-e-Raza (A.S.)” have narrated that Imam Moosa Kazim (A.S.) said : Whoever will perform the Ziyarat of my son Ali will get the ... Read More »

Imam Hasan, his Imamate and peace treaty

 His Caliphate  On the 21st night of the Ramadan of 40th Hijra Imam Ali (PBUH) passed away making all the people sorrowful and grieved. Imam Hassan (PBUH) who was 27 years of age came along with the people to the mosque and climbed the tribune and said, “Last night, a man, who was unique in knowledge piety, conduct and character among the previous ages people ... Read More »

Morality Of Imam Hassan (A.S) part 1

 Quoting his grandfather, Imam al-Sadiq (A.S) has reported: Hassan ibn `Ali ibn Abu-Talib was the most pious, the most devoted and the best of the people of his time. When he was on Hajj, he would often walk on foot and on many occasions bare-footed to the Holy Mosque.  He would cry or be fainted whenever he remembered death, grave, ... Read More »

Morality Of Imam Hassan (A.S) part 2

 Write Down Your Needs A man came to the presence of Imam Hassan asking him to fulfill his needs. The Imam said, “Write down you needs and give it to us.”‌ When he read his letter, he gave him twice the amount he had asked for. One of those present said, “How blessed this letter was!”‌ The Imam said: It ... Read More »

Martyrdom of Imam Hassan (A.S)

Name: al-Hasan. Title: al-Mujtaba. Agnomen: Abu Muhammad. Father’s name: ‘All Amir al-Mu’minin. Mother’s name: Fatimah (daughter of the Holy Prophet). Birth: In Medina on Tuesday, 15th Ramadan 3 AH. Death: Died at the age of 46, in Medina on Thursday, 28th Safar 50 AH; buried in Jannatu ‘I-Baqi, in Medina. IMAM HASAN was the eldest son of Imam ‘Ali and ... Read More »