Camp Fatimiyah – 29th March to 1st April 2013


To organise any event is a challenge but to organise an event with children and teenagers is even more challenging for many reasons. But MUS takes up this responsibility to ensure our youth is trained and ready for the coming of the Imam of our time, inshallah.

The main concept and thought behind the camp is to gather youth from all over UK and get them to bond with each other, teach them how to live independently, adjust to different environment and learn about our religions in a friendly environment.  This then encourages a well communicated well networked, harmonious and helpful society for the Shia Muslims here in the UK. It also helps them understand the importance of unity special in today’s day and age.

The camp was for 4 days and 3 nights this year and included a range of activities, workshops, talks, interactive sessions with the ulema and camp fire.

The activities to name a few included – indoor climb, quad biking, fencing, nightline, decender, high equilibrium, high all aboard and much more. But one thing that everyone enjoyed more than anything was the interaction with Ulema, as that help them understand that Ulema can also have a normal life and becoming an Alim does not mean that you cannot have fun. The camp ensured to instil the importance of namaz and even more the importance of Ja’amat namaz in the delegates.

The delegates arrived using different means of transportation including parents drop off and coaches that ran from different centres in different cities. They arrived at 2.30pm on Friday 29th of March; they were handed over to their allocated team leaders and welcomed by Moulana Syed Ali Raza Rizvi – President of Majlis e Ulema Shia Europe. Moulana then led ja’amat and welcomed all the delegates. He also ensured everyone was made aware of ground rules and were at their best behaviour. They were then taken to their rooms and were asked to make their own beds!


Once everyone was settled in dinner was served. The activities began after lunch, the delegates had the opportunity to attend a camp fire on the first night where Moulana Syed Ali Raza Rizvi spoke to them and answered their questions.


This year’s camp was called ‘Camp Fatimiyah’ due to camp dates coinciding with Bibi Fatima s.a’s martyrdom anniversary. For this reason a majlis was organised for all the camp attendees and the delegates read salaam and nohas. The youtube link for this majlis –

The delegates also really enjoyed the presence of Shiekh Ahmed Hanif whose exceptional communication style makes everything very easy to understand.


There were quite a few workshops arranged but one that reinforced why we should thank Allah was very inspirational for the delegates as well as for the volunteers. It made the delegates think about the blessings they have been bestowed for which they need to thank Allah and do it as often as possible. Another workshop that made delegates thinking was the dental hygiene workshop after which the younger delegates discussed how they need to brush in circles!


A competition was organised where delegates were sent Ayats to learn before they came to the camp and were then asked questions. The winners received trophies and the biggest tropgy was that they learnt Quran with meaning.


And the biggest pleasure we had was to have Agha Moezzi come to the camp on the last day to present certificates and we all had the opportunity to read jam’at namaz behind him.


These are just a few highlights of what went on during the camp. And all of this was possible with the support of MUS president Moulana Ali Raza Rizvi and his excellent team which includes Moulana Ja’afar Ali Najm, Moulana Najmul Hasan Naqvi, Moulana Marofi, Moulana Azmat Abbas, Moulana Abbas Naqvi, and Moulana Ali Abbas Rizvi.


This camp was also not possible without the dedication of volunteers who came from different parts of UK, who gave their all to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the delegates. All of them were dedicated and great, it is not possible to list them all here but to name a few from the core team which included (in alphabetical order) Sister Shehwar Batool, Sister Asma Hussain, Brother Mohammed Kadiwal, Sister Zainab Razavi, Brother Syed Najamul Hasan Rizvi, Meher Zaidi and Brother Zeeshan Zaidi

The camp activities were filmed and photographed by Hidayat Tv and will be broadcasted once they are edited. We also kept the parents up to date with their children’s activities through our ‘Camp Fatimiyah’ facebook page – and there are a lot of pictures to be viewed on their

We have requested for feedback, but we have already received some very positive feedback through our facebook page and texts, which motivates us to do it all over again inshallah!