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Supplication or Dua Arafa

The Spiritual Life: Prayer and Supplication For the Muslim, the necessary personal concomitant of professing God”s Unity is devotion to Him. The outward dimension of this devotion is shaped by the Shari”ite injunctions concerning worship: the canonical prayer, whether mandatory or recommended, fasting, pilgrimage, almsgiving, etc. But the inward dimension of Muslim devotions is much more difficult to grasp. Unlike ... Read More »

What is ZamZam?

What’s cooled, refreshing and will quench your thirst in the hot, Arabian desert? If you answered (fill in the name of the latest fad soft drink), you’re wrong. Zamzam is the name of the well that provides the water to billions of people, have thirstily drunk from throughout history, especially during the Hajj pilgrimage. It is linked to some of ... Read More »

A Hajj Experience: Hajj as a shift against racism

Malcolm X is one Muslim who saw the light of true Islam through his Hajj in April 1964. As a former member and speaker for the Nation of Islam, a black spiritual and nationalist movement, he believed that the white man was the devil and the black man superior.  After leaving the Nation of Islam in March 1964, he made ... Read More »

Objectives Of Hajj

In Quran it says:  “And pilgrimage to the House is incumbent upon men for the sake of Allah, (upon) every one who is able to undertake the journey to it. “(Qur’an, 3:97)  Hajj to get Closer to Allah(S.W.T) Hajj is an act of worship which the Almighty God has made an obligation for all those who have the capability of ... Read More »

The Exalted Sacrifices Of Imam Hossein(A.S) And Hazart Abraham

The sun was shinning in the middle of the sky and had spread its brilliant rays over vast lands. On that day, history witnessed a fateful trip. Prophet Abraham (peace upon him) along with his second wife Hajar and Ishmael, his firstborn son, was setting out for another land. Abraham left the cities and towns and entered the barren Arabian ... Read More »

Hajj: A Time for Unity of Muslims

It is the season of the Hajj pilgrimage and masses of Muslims have gathered around in Mecca. Hundreds of thousands of pilgrims to the symbolic House of God, whether men or women, white, black, yellow, and, rich or poor and from different races and holding various nationalities have come to the Holy Ka’ba to perform the obligation of Hajj. Allahomma ... Read More »

Short life history of Imam Jafar Sadiq (AS)

Birthday of Imam Sadiq(as): The sun of the existence of Imam Jafar as Sadiq (AS) arose from the lap of his mother Umm-e-Farwah on the 17th of Rabiul Awal, 83rd year Hijrah, in the city of Madina. Imam Jafar as Sadiq (AS) has the same birth date as that of our Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW).   Family Backgroung of Imam ... Read More »