Hazrat Fatima(s)

Hazrat Fatimah’s Pains for Islamic Society

Fatimah (peace be upon her) did not live according to the norms, accepted by the society. She always felt a thorn in her eyes and was tormented by it, as the thorn that her husband felt in his eyes, and that was the poisonous thorn of the Caliphs’ arrogance. The human-like bullies tried to belittle her grandeur and sublimity and …

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Fatima Zahra (A.S.) on The Last Day

 On the Day when the oppressed shall bite their hands (in fear); when the oppressors shall be gathered in humiliation and lowliness, remembering their disgraceful and shameful deeds: Then every one of them shall review his file, which is packed with oppression against his chosen worshippers. On that Day shall every human, whatever color, creed, faith, and his deeds may …

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