Amidst the rubble

It was nothing short of an apocalypse that sent shockwaves to the surrounding areas, when an explosion devastated the city of Beirut at 6 pm local time on the 4th of August 2020. The successive explosions tore the city to tethers, obliterating everything in their path leaving a grim trail of the cataclysm that will imprint the minds and hearts …

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Muharram & COVID-19 Seminar

Click Here > Download Muharram & COVID-19 Seminar Pack New Gov guidelines mention 1m distance with risk mitigations. Any thoughts on that? The updated government guidelines have eased the 2m social distancing where other mitigations have been implemented, what this means in practical terms, if you have made face coverings mandatory, if you have improved the ventilation of your building …

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