Thursday , 27 April 2017

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Shia delegation attends Tablighi Ijtima

Shia cleric Agha Rahat Hussaini and 200 adherents set an unforeseen precedent for religious tolerance as they attended a Deobandi scholar’s lecture in a Sunni congregation. The Tablighi Ijtima, which started on June 9 in Gilgit, is attended by hundreds of thousands from across the country and is held under the banner of the Tablighi Jamaat, a Sunni organisation. The ... Read More »

16 Iranian pilgrims killed in Baquba bomb attack

The incident occurred on Friday morning when an explosive-laden vehicle detonated in Muqdadiyah, which is located about 90 kilometers north of Baghdad. Nearly 20 people were killed when the blast ripped through the bus as the vehicle packed with pilgrims was heading for the holy city of Najaf. At least 45 other people, many of them thought to be Iranians, ... Read More »

2 security personnel killed in Pakistan

At least two Pakistani security personnel have been killed and two others wounded in a bomb explosion in the southwestern province of Balochistan. According to security sources, the incident took place on Monday when a military vehicle was attacked in Mastung District near the city of Quetta. Security forces rushed to the site of the attack and cordoned off the ... Read More »

Syria: Foreign-backed Terrorists Commit Massacre in al-Qusayr

Another horrible massacre in Syria happened on Saturday. This time in the countryside of the once nice area of al-Qusayr in Homs. The massacre against a family of four innocent members, including a woman, was committed by an armed foreign-backed terrorist group yesterday. According to an official source who spoke with the Syrian state news agency SANA, this foreign-backed group ... Read More »

Syrian refugees in Iraq reached about 154 thousand people

 United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) announced on Wednesday, that it has recorded up to 27 of current May, 153 675 Syrian refugees in Iraq. “The number of Syrian refugees recorded by UNHCR in Iraq reached 153 675 people, up to and including 27 of current May,” A statement of UNHCR office received by”Shafaq News” said. Syrian refugees flee ... Read More »

Saudi protesters call on Riyadh to withdraw from Bahrain

In Saudi Arabia, protesters have taken to the streets in the country’s oil-rich Eastern Province’s, calling on Riyadh to withdraw its security forces from Bahrain. The demonstrators accused Saudi officials of committing crimes against pro-democracy protesters in Bahrain. They slammed Saudi Arabia for supporting and helping Manama in its violent crackdown on the Bahrainis. They called for the release of ... Read More »

Anniversary of Gilgit massacre is being observed across Pakistan

Pakistani Shia Muslims are commemorating the anniversary of Gilgit massacre that was perpetrated in May 1988 by the armed terrorists trained on the orders of military dictator General Zia. The massacre that began on May 17 lasted till May 26, 1988. The intolerant salafi wahhabi terrorists in the garb of Sunnis first misinformed Sunnis through their hate speeches and then ... Read More »

Thousands of Shias Coercively deported from UAE

At least 4,000 Shia Muslims have been deported from United Arab Emirates and forced to leave everything in United Arab Emirates. The Shia immigrants were told to leave the UAE as soon as possible within 24 hours without any reason, even some of them were living since 20 years in the UAE. The deported imigrants are including Pakistain, Iraqi, Syrian ... Read More »