Exam FAQ

MUS EXAM Frequently Asked Questions


1) Download the exam practice papers from https://majlis.org.uk/exam/practice-questions/.

2) You can do the exam on a laptop, desktop, tablet or a mobile connected to the internet.

3) Buy MUS book for exam revision from https://majlis.org.uk/education/syllabus/

MUS exam process video

1) What type of questions will the candidate see in the online assessment?
Candidates doing the MUS Book 1,2 & 3 assessment will see multiple choice or single choice questions only.
However, Candidates doing the MUS Book 4,5, 6 & 7 assessment MAY also see a mixture of the following:
• Dropdown list
• Single Choice
• Multiple Choice
• Matching questions
• Fill in the Blanks
• True or False questions
• Essay questions

2) How will you mark an essay question if the results will be given on the same day?

The essay questions will have a limit on the characters that can be typed.  If a candidate doing Book 4,5,6 or 7 receive an essay style question, they will be forwarded to a MUS examination board member to check once it is submitted.  The turnaround time is 4 hours.  The candidate will still receive the result and grade on the same day.  If an online assessment includes an essay style question/s the candidate will be made aware of it on the welcome page before the exam is started.

3) Can i have the online exam on different date?

The online assessment is available for 6 Hours after 2pm.  All candidates have 6 hours to do the exam.

The online assessment can also be taken on a portable device such as mobile/tablet.

To prevent cheating and make sure our tests are as accurate as possible our exam date is fixed for all candidates. The exam date can not be changed for each candidate or for any exam centre.

4) How many questions will be in the online assessment?
In total there will be 50 questions.

5) How many marks can a candidate get in a MUS exam?
Total marks are 100.

6) What are the Grade boundaries on a MUS exam?
The exam pass marks and grade criteria
for MUS BOOK 1 TO 7   51% out of 100 is a PASS

51 marks to 60.5 marks = Grade D
61 marks to 70.5 marks = Grade C
71 marks to 80.5 marks = Grade B
81 marks to 90.5 marks = Grade A
91 marks to 100 marks = Grade A*

7) If a candidate does not meet the minimum required marks to pass can he/she retake the exam?
All candidates taking the yearly exam who do not meet the minimum marks to pass the exam can retake the exam next year.

8) If a candidate is not happy with the Grade, can they retake the exam?
Yes all candidates who want to retake the exam again to get a better grade can retake the exam next year.

9) How long is the exam?
All MUS exam papers & online assessments are one hour.

10) I registered for the MUS exam online what is the next step?
After registering for the exam you will get 2 emails. The first email will be an auto respond email confirming the details you have submitted on the form. If any of the details are incorrect please do not submit another form but get in touch with us via the contact form on our website.

11) My name or DOB was wrong when i registered what should i do?

All candidates are required to check the spellings and format of their Name. When they registered on the registration form. Please let the Examination Board know of any errors in the registration form.  As no changes will be made once the certificates are issued.

The second email will contain the following information:
. Your ID number (This is also your username)
. Your Password to login to your assessment
. Your Exam paper you registered for.
. Link to do the assessment and any extra information you will need to do your online assessment.

12) I know the exam start time is at 2PM, can I start the exam after that?
Yes you can. The online assessment is available for 6 Hours after 2pm. Candidates can start the assessment at any time from 2pm to 8pm.

13) If i start the exam at 7:30pm will i get my full 1 hour or will the exam finish at 8pm?
The exam starts at 2pm and candidates have 6 Hours after 2pm to start the exam.  If the candidate starts the exam at 7:30 they will only get 30mins because the online exam finishes at 8pm.  All candidates are advised to start the exam at 2pm.

14) Will I get my certificate and my result instantly after my exam?
Yes all candidates who successfully pass the exam will be able to download the MUS certificate with security features as a PDF document.  Please also read question 2 to fully understand the process.

15) Will the exam contain all the questions from the practice papers?
These practice questions are intended to help familiarise you with our style of exam papers.  These papers are not the real exam paper you will get on the exam day.  All candidates should also read the correct MUS Book to fully prepare for the exam.

16) Do I need to attend a Islamic centre Madressa to register for the exam?
No, anyone in the UK attending a Shia Madrassa or taking part in the MUS Zoom classes can register for the exam. Before starting the exam candidates will be required to select a Madressa name before they can login to the exam.

17) What is the appeal process? & What you can appeal against?
You can only appeal against Exam Marks & Exam Result– If you are not satisfied with the Exam Marks or Exam Result (EMER) you can ask the invigilator or the Exam Centre to submit the appeal on your behalf.

Appeal fees is [£30] per exam paper. To Appeal click here . Appeals should be made within 1 Week of receiving the CANDIDATE STATEMENT OF PROVISIONAL RESULTS Document or within 1 week of doing an online assessment and downloading your certificate.

Appeal process turnaround time is 1 calendar month. Once the appeal is submitted a MUS Examination Board member who has had no previous involvement with your exam paper or your online assessment will mark the paper.

Please note that you cannot appeal against:
• Complaints prior to Exam Marks or Exam Result (EMER)s

• Access to original candidate exam paper. Exam papers are property of Majlis-e-Ulama-e-Shia Europe you can not ask to have or gain access to your original exam paper(s).
• Queries about grade boundaries.

• Queries regarding question papers and mark schemes.

• Advice, query, complaint & information about materials provided by MUS.

• Complaints or queries on MUS qualifications, MUS exam papers and MUS specifications.

18) Our Islamic centre name is not listed on the MUS exam centre list. What is the process of becoming an MUS exam centre?
To become an MUS exam centre please fill in a Madressa Questionnaire and an MUS Exam board member will get in touch with you.

19) What measures are taken to prevent cheating during an online exam?
MUS invigilators are required to take an Oath. Oath is for the parent/Guardian or anyone who will supervise the candidate during the online assessment.
OATH- ALLAH (S.W.T) is my witness. I promise to become an MUS invigilator during the online assessment- and STOP MY CHILD (children) FROM: *
Using MUS books or other books to aid in answering questions
Using the internet, or any other electronic device to look for answers
Asking their siblings for answers
Asking friends, parents, relatives, or anyone else via any communication method for answer to the assessment questions.

In addition to the Oath MUS will:
. Set an online timer – limit is 1 hour.
. Give questions to candidates in random order.
. Set an expiry date and time on each assessment link.
. Allow each candidate to view their result after completion.

20) Can a candidate share exam questions after completing the exam?
The exam questions contained in the MUS Exam are confidential information of MUS and that the Candidate may not, without MUS prior written consent, share any such Contents with other current or prospective Candidates or make them publicly available.

21) Will the candidate’s marks and grade be recorded for the next exam & Will you invite candidates to an award ceremony?
We are offering a chance for the children to do an MUS assessment online to see what they have learnt from the current academic year in their Islamic centres and what they have learnt from the online MUS Zoom classes. Exam marks & grades will be recorded however we will not be doing a MUS exam award ceremony this year.

22) Can a candidate register for more then 1 online assessment?

No, currently candidates are only allowed to do 1 assessment.  However we are looking at ways to make it possible for candidates to register for more than 1 assessment in the next exam.

23) I have registered more than once for the online exam, which paper will i get?

MUS Examination Board Decision
Candidates are only allowed to register and do one exam as mentioned on our website and FAQ page. If parents/teachers have registered 2/3 times for the same child when registering for the MUS exam then only the latest submission on the form (latest time stamp) will be counted as a valid entry (submission).

For example, A Parent/teacher registered Hassan Naqvi on 12/6/20 14:30pm with Book 1
Then on 13/6/20 14:35pm Hassan Naqvi was registered again (with same email) but for Book 2

In this case, we will only take the latest submission (time stamp) as an entry. Therefore only 13/6/20 14:35pm Book 2 entry will be considered, and candidate will only be able to do Book 2 test once they login.

Equally e.g if Hassan Naqvi was registered for book 2 at 12/6/20 14:30pm then on 12/6/20 14:35pm Book 1 was registered. We will take the latest submission as an entry. In this case only 12/6/20 14:35pm Book 1 entry will be considered, and candidate will only be able to do Book 1 test once they login.

24) How do you prevent cheating?

Prevent cheating – Teachers

MUS teachers who set exam questions have a particularly important role in the exam system.  They share their subject expertise into the process of creating the exam questions.  To Maximise good performance from students and prevent cheating the exam board takes a percentage; of questions created by multiple teachers for the same MUS book.  This prevents exam leaks and allows a fairer way of testing students.   [we do not use questions created by just one teacher but multiple teachers]

Prevent cheating – Students

We have put in place the following measures:

1) Activation lock – exam link is activated and deactivated at a specific time
2) There is a time limit set on the exam. Time limit of 1 hour
3) Questions given in random order to all students
4) MCQ answers also written in random order given to all students
5) Results page is hidden to prevent candidates from sharing the answers
6) limit set on the exam – only 1 take no retakes
7) We monitor the average time it takes a person to do the exam.
8) Secure login – only candidates with login info can access the link.
9) No retakes or late start policy, exam can only be taken on the exam date. Not the day after.

Prevent cheating – Invigilators

1) A Oath – to be taken by parents/Invigilators  on the registration form and before the exam starts.
2) 13 Code of Practice rules for MUS invigilators in UK & Europe to follow before, during and after the exam.


25) How is the MUS exam conducted?

On-site MUS exams are conducted in an MUS exam centre.  Online assessments are conducted via using third party software that has been tested by the exam team to make sure it fulfils all the needs of an MUS exam.

26) Is there some guidance on how to do an online assessment?

1- After the registration form is closed candidates will start to receive a link to a video tutorial

2- Receive a PDF document with information & advice

3- Invigilators will receive a PDF code of practice document

27) Is it possible to email certificate to the teachers

Yes, exam centres will be given a copy of the exam certificate if requested within 30 days of the exam.

28) Which chapters of the MUS Book will be included in the exam?

The following Chapter from each MUS book will be covered in the MUS exam: Fiqh, Aqaid, Akhlaq & History.  Questions are made using the content in the MUS books.  All candidates should read the correct MUS Book to fully prepare for the exam.

29) I only have one laptop/PC and would like all of my children to do the MUS exam.  Is this possible?

The online assessment is available for 6 Hours after 2pm. Candidates can start the assessment at any time from 2pm to 8pm.  Some families will have more than one child taking the MUS online assessment. That is why the online assessment will be available online for 6 hours after 2PM on exam date. This will allow multiple people from each house to participate in the online assessment. After the first child has finished the online assessment, you can continue to invigilate & allow the second child to take part.

30) what is my username to login to the assessment link?

Your username is emailed to you.

31) My username or password is not working

All usernames and passwords are case sensitive

32) Can i use a mobile/tablet device to do the online assessment?

We recommend a Laptop/Desktop with a minimum 2mb internet connection.  However the online assessment can also be taken on a portable device such as mobile/tablet.

33) Will the candidate be allowed to check their answers before submission?

Yes, all candidates will have the option of reviewing their answers before pressing the submit button.

34) Can i take the test anytime on the exam date?

You can take the test anytime between the hours of 2pm to 8pm.

35) I have registered when will i get my username, password and exam link sent to my email?

Parents will start getting the exam link, username and password on the exam date,  5-7minutes before the exam start time.