Friday to be observed day of protest against the desecration of Islamic sanctities in Syria

Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen has announced that a day of protest will be observed on Friday to protest against the desecration of the shrines of companions of Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH), the last apostle and prophet of God in Syria.

raja-nasirAllama Raja Nasir Abbas Jafari, secretary general of the MWM, has appealed to ll the schools of thought to observe the protest day to condemn the takfiri terrorists who have attacked the shrines and graves of the companions of the Prophet of God (PBUH) in Syria.

He said that the mosques and holy shrines of Hazrat Zakaria (A S), the Prophet, and of Hazrat Ammaar Yasir, Hazrat Ovais Qarni and Hazrat Hujr Ibn-e-Odai were attacked by the terrorists who also desecrated the tooth of Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH).

He said that the Saudi wahhabi ideology disapproves to respect and sanctity of the holy shrines and graves of the Prophets God and his companions. Therefore, he appealed to the Pakistani nation to mark solidarity and unanimously condemn the violators of the sanctities of Islam.