Background and Mission of MUS

Majlis e Ulema e Shia Europe was founded over 25 years ago as an organisation of Shia Scholars.

About 5 years ago Imammiyyah Council was formed, as a department under MUS. Imamiyyah Council has been specifically designed to bring together all the Shia communities from across UK & Europe, under one umbrella organisation led by respected Ulema, enabling the community to work together on wide ranging community improvement initiatives.



  • Below are the current roles we are looking to fill, all of these are primarily volunteering opportunities, some of the technical roles may have opportunities to be paid.
  • All our opportunities will look great on your CV and fantastic chance to develop professionally.
  • Join a young, diverse and vibrant team of volunteers from many different background,
  • MUS will provide you with training from professionals to enable you to carry out the role.
  • An opportunity to work on exciting range of projects
  • Meet and work with Ulama/scholars of our community
  • Flexible working, mainly interactions are virtual/online with occasional travel need, some roles require more travel, see job descriptions.



It’s simple, send your CV to and we will get in contact with you within next 48 hours.

If your application is successfull, You will go through two stage interview prior to your appointment.

Get applying now!



Job Description – Imamiyyah Women Leader

Job Description – Imamiyyah Youth Leader

Job Description – Local Scout Leader

Job Description – National Scout Leader

Job Description – Project Manager

Job Description – Web Developer _ Designer

Job Description – Zonal Coordinator

Job Description – Zonal Scout Leader