Militants Enter Syria from Turkey

تئرکےMore than 90 percent of the foreign militants enter Syria via Turkish soil to fight Syrian military.

The Saturday issue of Turkish paper Aydinlik also adds that a number of foreign militants have joined the Syrian opposition through Jordanian border.

The Turkish daily wrote that the militants from Chechen, Egypt, Libya and Morocco enter Syria via Turkey.

Quoting from the spokesperson of the anti-Syrian Turkmen opposition, who spoke under condition of anonymity, the daily said if there is no military interference from abroad Bashar Al-Assad government will continue to have power in the country.

Evaluating the so-called “Friends of Syria” conference in Istanbul last week, the spokesperson noted that nobody has trust in the words of the participants of the session and doesn’t take them seriously.

The Turkish paper Aydinlik continued that a few months ago the opposition forces had informed of the likely fall of Aleppo and their taking of power in the city; but they have not reached any goals and have focused their attacks to the outskirts of Damascus.

The daily concludes that the Syrian army forces still support the government.