Majlis-e-Ulama-e-Shia (Europe) condemns the Bahraini regime’s decision to strip Bahraini nationality from a prominent religious scholar Ayatullah Sheikh Isa Qasim. This decision further proves that the Bahraini Government has no concern about the wellbeing of the Bahraini citizens and their rights. This step contravenes the principles of the basic human rights, and will further sectarianism in the country.

This is a continuation of a repressive strategy of the Bahraini regime on the call of its masters of the Saud family, following many instances over the last years of persecution, suppression and killing of innocent peace-loving Bahrainis who are merely seeking their rights.

We demand from the Bahraini government:

1. to rescind this decision immediately

2. to rescind all decisions of stripping nationalities from Bahraini activists

3. to free Sheikh Ali Salman and all political prisoners

4. to start a process of changes which will give the Bahraini citizens their rights

Such decisions to oppress the majority will only lead to more instability in Bahrain and in the region, and will force dire consequences unwanted by all sides.

We also demand from the United Kingdom government to end their friendship with the brutal dictatorship of Bahrain as long as this abuse of human rights continues. We demand from the UK government to end their military aid to abusive and terrorism-sponsoring dictatorships such as Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

With this announcement, Bahrain has contravened several articles of the UN’s universal declaration of human rights, including Article 15 stating everyone’s right to a nationality. Therefore, we also expect the international community to stand up against such abuses of basic human rights.

Anything less from the UK and the UN will be tantamount to collusion with Bahrain and they will share blame with the Bahraini regime in their continuous oprressive track.


Zafar Abbas Malik

President Majlis-e-Ulama-e-Shia (Europe)