Wali Asr Convention 30/6/13


Date 30/6/13


Wali Asr is the first organisational convention of Majlis e Ulama Shia Europe and its sub branches such as Imamia council, Imamia women and Imamia youth.  After the woolwhich, London incident the importance of this convention was felt to be more necessary.

In this convention more than 200 scholars, community leaders and representative of Islamic centers and Imamia youth, Imamia women have attended.  This convention was not for the general public but the representative of Shia community.

Different speakers talked about different topics on social, political and legal issues about the Shia Muslim community.  In the beginning the vice president of M.U.S Moulana Mohammad  Hassan Maroufi gave a welcome speech and stated the aims of the convention.

The president of M.U.S Moulana Syed Ali Raza Rizvi said in his speech we aim from this organisational convention to unite the Shia Muslims community in Britain and work for interfaith dialogue. We respect other faiths and their followers so we can all live in peace, harmony to the betterment of our country.  He also condemned every kind of terrorist activity in the UK and everywhere in the world.   He said we the Shia community are law abiding citizens and no terrorist or extremist activity has happened from our community in the UK. We want better relationship with the relevant authorities. We are planning for the future of Shia Muslim community so we can understand our responsibilities to carry out the role in the political, economic, social, ethical, and religious fields so they can be better citizen to help progress our country.

The information secretary of MUS Maulana Syed Fida Husssain Bukhari gave a presentation on the role of Islamic centres in the community and the role of a resident Alim.  He also mentioned the qualities and characteristics of an ideal Islamic center.

Mr Ehsan the central co-ordinator of Imamia council discussed the legal issues in regards to the Islamic centers and Mr Aftab the co-ordinator of Manchester (Abu zarr zone) has discussed what is the political role of Shia in the UK.

Mr Saif Shah central co-ordinator gave a short speech on youth issues.  Alima Syeda Touqeer Fatima central co-ordinator of imamia Women talked about how women can play their active role in the Islamic center and society.

The metropolitan police representative Mac Chisti stated how the police force will ensure safety and security of Islamic centers and community.

In the Convention there was also group discussion on different topics.  At the end of the convention the general secretary of MUS Moulana Azmat Abbas zohairy thanked everyone who participated and helped organising Wali Asr convention 2013.

Information department of central cabinet MUS

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