Kazim Maroofi

Ramadhan activity book

📖ACTIVITY BOOK for Age5+ in Mahe Ramadhan📖     📶FREE DOWNLOAD FROM https://shop.majlis.org.uk/product/age-5-mahe-ramadhan-activity-book-soft-copy-pdf-version 36 pages of activities 🔴Coloring🔵 ✏️Join the Dots 🅰️Word search 🙋‍♂️CIRCLE THE 5 DIFFERENCES ❓Find the missing letter 💡Puzzle 🔍crossword

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A’amaal Book 2021

📖Mahe Ramadhan Kareem Aamaal Book for children📖   📶FREE DOWNLOAD FROM https://shop.majlis.org.uk/product/mahe-ramadhan-kareem-aamaal-book-v2-2-soft-copy-pdf-version Content 📝Mahe Ramdhan Checklist 📿 Hadith about fasting 🌟Benefits of fasting 💪Looking after you body 🤲Dua for Sehri & Iftaar 🤲Duas after Salah 🦷Things that are Makrooh in fast 🍔Things that break the fast 🌠A’amaal on the night …

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