Jafaria Convention Frequently Asked Questions
1) Is the convention registration free?
Yes, The Jafaria Convention is free to register and attend.
2) Can i set up my stall in the convention?
YES, visit https://majlis.org.uk/marketplace/ to book a stall table
3) Can i volunteer for the convention?
YES, please visit https://majlis.org.uk/volunteer/ and fill in the form
4) Are there any workshops?
●Madressa Workshop: ●Spouse Selection and Challenges: ●Centres Management: ●RSE and Parenting

●Islamic Wills workshop ●Networking

5) What is the date and time of the convention
The convention will be on 28/04/2024 starting from 10 am.
6) Will Food be provided
Yes Lunch will be provided, as well as tea/coffee will be available during the convention
7) I don’t have a car, do you provide travel arrangements?
You can travel on one of our coaches arranged in different centres. Our 6 coaches will leave from London Idara e Jafaria, London MCE, Birmingham Idaara Maarif-e-Islam, Manchester Al Hussain Masjid, Hussaini Islamic Mission Bradford, Newport Pill Pharmacy, Woking Imam Hassan Centre, and Alqaim Coventry
8) (Coach fee is £15 per person from Manchester, Newport and Bradford) All other locations fee is £10
Where is the event
9) Masjid e Ali, 2-32 Beechwood Rd, Luton, LU4 8RP
Is there parking available?
10) Yes parking is available in Masjid-e-Ali (as) Community Centre
Will there be opportunities for networking at the convention?
11) Yes, the convention will feature a networking session, Details will be provided in the event program.
Will there be childcare services available during the convention?
12) A Creche facility will be available during the convention
Can I register on-site?
13) On-site registration is not available. Everyone should register before attending the convention
Can I bring my pet to the convention?
14) Pets are not allowed inside the centre. Please make arrangements for pet care before attending the convention.
15) Will there be professional photographers or videographers at the convention?
Yes, professional photographers or videographers may be present to capture moments from the convention.
15) Will there be designated smoking areas at the convention?
No, Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the centre.
16) Are there any age restrictions for attendees?
Attendees of all ages are welcome at the convention; however, some sessions or events may have age restrictions or recommendations. Please check the event program for details.