Imamiyyah Football League – 7-a-side League for 16+ (male only)

  • Players and equipment
  1. 7 players must participate from each team.
  2. Substitutions will be allowed, so a maximum of 12 players can be brought to the game (5 roll- on subs)
  3. The maximum players that are permitted to be in a squad will be 15- the names as well as contact details of these players must be registered when signing up.
  4. Players must be 16+
  5. All players must wear the same-coloured shirts (or bibs)
  6. Footwear: Moulded boots or Astroturf- no metal blades allowed.


  • Referees
  1. The home team is responsible for hiring the pitch and organising an official referee (From the local football centre)
  2. At the end of each game, the referee will elect the man of match.
  • Duration of the Match
  1. Each game will be 50 minutes long, with each half being 25 minutes.
  2. There will be a 5/10 minute break between each half
  3. The home team must, therefore, hire the pitch for at least one hour


  • Structure of the league
  1. There will be 3 leagues running simultaneously, one based up North, one in the Midlands and one around the London area. The map will be shown below:
  2. A game will be played every 2 weeks
  3. Each team will face the other twice, one home game and one away.
  4. If a team cannot attend, they must notify the head of their zone so arrangements can be made.


  • Rules of the game
  1. Kick-off will take place at the centre of the pitch
  2. Slide tackles are not allowed
  3. Players are not allowed in the Goalkeeper’s box, including both attackers and defenders.
  4. There are no offsides
  5. No head height restrictions
  6. A defender must make at least one pass to an outfield player after receiving the ball from the keeper- he cannot pass directly back to the keeper once receiving the ball. Doing so will result in a penalty.
  7. Goalkeepers are permitted to pick up the ball should there be a back pass
  8. The rest will follow the usual football rules that are agreed upon universally.


  • Discipline and Conduct
  1. Both Yellow and red cards can be given
  2. Two yellow Cards= Red Card- This will mean that the player is unable to participate for the rest of the game.
  3. A straight red card will result in a two-game ball.