Cowardly attack on elderly man in London’ central mosque

Majlis e Ulama Shia Europe – Press Release
Dated: 20th February 2020

Cowardly attack on elderly man in London’ central mosque
Once again London has seen an attack on worshippers at a mosque, this time the Central London
mosque, near Regents Park.

The horrific attack was carried out by a 29 year old white male, unknown to the mosque attendees,
till now, no facts have been shared about his motives, whether it was personal, racial or

The attacker waited in line of prayer, when the muezzin began to recite Azaan, he was struck in the
back of the neck with a knife, the Muezzin is said to have been a 70yr old man, he has sustained
serious injuries although not thought to be life threatening.

Thankfully members of the congregation restrained the attacker from being able to strike the
Muezzin or anyone else in the mosque, within minutes the police arrived and arrested the individual.
Attacks such as this one can create alot of hysteria, whilst we must aim to improve the overall
security at our places of worship and gatherings, we must not allow terrorism of any kind to create
fear to that extent that it impedes or prevents us from freely practicing our faith, for this reason
MUS would like to call upon centre management to take a pragmatic approach to security, whilst
maintaining confidence in your respective congregations

Guidance to Security measures have been published on our website

Majlis e Ulama e Shia Europe strongly condemns all acts of terrorism, whether their motives are
founded in so-called Islamist ideologies or far-right fascism, we hope that the relevant authorities
will persuade this case to identify the motives and bring justice to those who wish to cause fear and
terror within our wider society.

Majlis e Ulama e Shia (Europe) – Press Office