MUS condemns the terrorist attack on Shia Pilgrims in Balochistan, Pakistan.

Date : 21/1/14

Press Release:  Majlis e Ulama Shia Europe, who is the representative of Shia Muslims in UK & Europe, condemns the terrorist attack on Shia Pilgrims in Dareen Garh area of Mastung, Balochistan, Pakistan.

At least 24 Shia Muslims were martyred and around 35 were injured when a suicide blast occurred near the Dareen Garh area of Mastung, Balochistan on Tuesday evening.  The suicidal attack was made on two buses full of 103 pilgrims who were traveling back from Iran where they had gone on pilgrimage of sacred shrines of Imam Reza (AS), Hazrat Fatima Masoomah and other Imam Zadegan.   Laskar-e-Jhangvi terrorist group has claimed responsibility of the terrorist attack.

The Pakistani government is failing to protect the peaceful citizens of the country, especially Shias in the country and the sectarian targeted killings in the country are increasing day by day.

Majlis e Ulama Shia Europe demands that the Pakistani government and judiciary to capture the attackers immediately and bring them to justice. And we demand immediate military operation to eliminate the terrorists in the country.

We believe, if the Pakistani government does not act to stop these extremist elements and terrorist attacks then the country will fall apart & the government will be responsible for the consequences.

We ask the UN Human Rights Organization to play their role in stopping the killing of Shia Muslims in the world.  Our thoughts go out to the family of the martyrs and pray that the Almighty gives them patience to overcome their grief.

Syed Ali Raza Rizvi

    President of M.U.S