The Birth of Imam Jawad (AS)

Imam Mohammad Taqi Al Jawad (as) lived the shortest life amongst the 12 Imams. Martyred at the young and tender age of 25! Due to the growing hostility of Bani Abbas towards the Imams of Ahlul Bayt (as). One can only imagine the political climate and how hard it was to be a Shia at that time. Born in Medina 195AH in the holy month of Ramadhan to Imam Ali ibn Musa Ridha (as) and his wife Lady Sabika (as) also known as Sakina and Khizran, was from the progeny of Umul Momineen Mariya Qibtiya the wife of the holy Prophet (sawa). Other historians suggest he was born in the month of Rajab .The mother of Imam Taqi Al Jawad (as) was one the best and most pure women of her time and has been praised by Imam Ali ibn Musa (as) in the narrations.

Nothing brought more joy to the heart of Imam Ali ibn Musa (as) other than seeing his young son grow up, after all he was the only son of the Imam Ridha (as) and was born when the holy Imam was 47 years of age!. According to Sheikh Al Mufid (ra), since Imam Ridha (as) had no children until his son was born many of the hypocrites used to criticise and mock him. They would say that since he has no children, he is incompetent to be a leader. History bears witness that this mindset is not new, and the early pagans of Mecca would mock the Holy Prophet (sawa) in the same ugly manner and would hurt his feelings. Since he did not have any children, they would consider his position to be weak and his religion to have no future. The Almighty Allah (swt) revealed surah al Kauser as a promise and guarantee to the Messenger that both his religion and his progeny will remain until the end of time.

Imam Ridha (as) would tell the people that very soon Allah (swt) will bless me with a child who will be a source of blessing for the pious of my nation. He will be a child unlike other children and the Imam eagerly awaited his birth. Many fathers praise their children after they are born but very rarely do, we find that a father praises the child and speaks of his merits before the child is born. This was no ordinary child. This was a child who would challenge the norms and would make the Grand Mufti speechless due to his immense knowledge. This was a child who would make the scholars sweat and tremble due to their emptiness. Allamah ibn Talha Shafi’ says “even though he (Imam Mohammad Taqi as) was small in age but yet his rank was lofty and he was talked about much (by the people).

Ibn Qayama was the leader of the Waqifia Sect who rejected the imamate of the 8th imam due to the latter not having a son once wrote to the holy Imam saying the following:

How can you possibly be the Imam if you don’t have a son for the continuation of the Imamate? Imam Ridha (as) replied by saying: How do you know that I won’t become the father of a son, By God within the next few days Allah will grant me a son who will divide truth (Haq) from falsehood (Batil).

Abu Yahya San’ani says, I went to meet Imam Ridha (as) and he was with his young son Imam Taqi Al Jawad (as) after meeting me the Imam (as) looked at me and said “This son of mine will be a source of pride for our Shias and no one as blessed as him has been born till date”

Lady Hakima Khatoon who was the witness of the birth of Imam Taqi (as) says that Imam Ridha (as) had asked me the stay with his wife the for the night as she was to give birth to a son. I saw that during the night Lady Khizran (Sabika) as gave birth to a son who’s holy face was illuminating with a bright light, the light from his presence illuminated the dark room. She said I bathed the child and wrapped him in a garment to hand him over to his father Imam Ridha (as), the Imam kissed his son on the forehead and retuned him back to his mother. For 3 days Imam Taqi (as) kept his eyes closed and after three days he opened his eyes and raised his finger and recited the Shahadatayn.”

After witnessing this miracle from the young Imam, Lady Hakima was astonished and looked towards Imam Ali ibn Musa (as) who said “are you amazed at this? Do not be surprised, my son is the authority of Allah and his vicegerent on this planet”

HIWM Maulana Syed Muhammed Rizvi