List of all Majlis e Ulama e Shia Europe Services



1 Shia Spouse
2 SHOP, Digital Books, Magazine, Islamic PDFS 
3 Shia Phobia Reporting Service REPORT AN ANTI SHIA INCIDENT
4 Sharia Board Services
  Islamic Will
  Islamic Divorce application
  Islamic Nikah
  Islamic Family Counselling
  Funeral Services
  Islamic Queries
5 Madressah Services
  MUS Madressah Portal
  Madressah Online Classes
  Islamic Courses
  Child Protection and Safeguarding Framework
  Volunteer Enhanced DBS Checks
  Register your Madressah
  MUS Books Syllabus
  MUS Yearly Examination
  Quran Classes
  Urdu Classes 
6 Imamiyyah Council Services
  Shia Islamic centres in UK Map
  Centre Security Guide
  Imamiyah Council Membership Form
  Vacancies for community 
  CV Review services
  MUS Zonal Activities 
  Imamiyyah Youth
  Imamiyyah girls
  Imamiyyah Women
  Send your Areeza to Imam
7 Prayer time
8 Moon Announcements
  Digital Calendar PDF
  Press Release
  Community Events
9 Communications
  MUS Newsletter
  AL Majlis Magazine
  MUS Facebook
  MUS Youtube
  MUS Twitter
  MUS Instagram
24 Donation Services 
  Donate Khums
  Donate Fidya
  Donate Fitrah
  Donate Sadaqah
  Donate Kaffarah
  Give Imam Zamin
  Sponsor a Course
25 Active Forms
  General Council Membership Form
  MUS Print Publications Feedback
  Class Feedback
  NDA Form for MUS Volunteers
  Become a Volunteer
  Madressa Questionnaire