What is Shiaphobia?

In last 7-8 years the term Shiaphobia¬† has surfaced, as per a famous maxim of Ameerul momineen (as) ‘ ignorance is the cause of hatred’.

The vaste majority of Muslims of various sects live in harmony with Shia Muslims, they are inter related, via blood and/or marriage, they play sports, trade, pray and work together in all social circles alhumdolillah

Unfortunately, as always there is a minority, who would be deemed hard liners/extremists, most of these people are ignorant to even their own beliefs, let alone the Shia faith. 

From the attack on Edgware road in 2013, which marked the first tragic occurrence of ‘sectarian’ attack in the UK, to the brawls at Hyde Park corner or even hate filled social media posts relating to sister Aya Hachim’s killing, there are unfortunately many such incidents surfacing which all come under the banner of Shiaphobia

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