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MUS (Europe) was established 26yrs ago, and to date is the largest organisation of Shia scholars that provides guidance and support to Shia Centres, Madrassahs, and the community.

In the past 8 years, MUS have commenced multiple streams of community services and has an exciting pipeline of services it is looking to deliver in the near future.

In order for MUS to take the next step in advancing & serving the Shia community, MUS needed a National Resource Centre.

We found and purchased a building in Crowthorne, Bracknell Forest.  This is our first National Resource Centre. The building price is £460,000.  We welcome and request all Momineen, centres management to come forward and donate generously so we can repay our loan.

Majlis e Ulama e Shia has Khums ijaza from all leading Maraje, and is a UK registered charity (1173167).

Frequently Asked Questions

Will planning permission be problematic?

We do not expect any prohibitive issues with the plan we have for this building. We will be respecting the core policies, local character and trying our best to help the local community by our presence, we have reviewed the policies and previous applications on this site and are aware of what limitations we may have of use, and what are the areas which the council would welcome.

Is there onsite parking?

Yes, there is space for approximately 20 cars onsite parking.

Who will manage the building?

Majlis e Ulama e Shia (Europe) is a volunteer-based organisation, the ulama and non-ulama who have worked tirelessly, will be taking responsibility in the initial period to manage the day to day running, however, there are plans to have a full-time office administrator/office manager, this is still under discussion.

 Is this an Imambargah or Masjid?

This centre is not being purchased to set up a place of worship, there may be some prayers held for visitors, participants of training or meeting attendees

How will MUS manage operating costs?

The first step we are taking is to raise funds for a complete cash purchase, this will mean we will be free from a long-term mortgage which would be the highest regular payment and one with the greatest liability.

The building will slowly increase in its use and the energy use will be minimised, light sensors, insulated walls etc will help with utility costs.

All the staff who will be using the office are volunteers, and therefore there is no concern for operating costs.

However, we do expect council tax & minimal energy bills which will be managed through standing orders set up by generous Momineen and centres.

There are a few services that may become payable at very low rates, which may bring some income, this is still being finalised.

What is the expected benefit for Scholars?

The MUS general council of scholars meet face to face every 3 months, the central cabinet meets face to face once a month, this facility will become the primary meeting place in the South.

Scholars will be provided with professional training to enhance their skills, including the English language, IT/Computer usage, Child safeguarding awareness, health and safety, data protection and more. This in effect will help them engage better with our current & future generations while adhering to the government rules and regulations in place for our safety

MUS has a duty of care for the welfare, Unity and development of the Shia scholars, and therefore this project will surely assist with these aims Insha’Allah.

What is the expected benefit for Momineen?

Overall a more established Majlis e Ulama e Shia (Europe) will translate in stronger national presence, allowing MUS to interact with other organisations in a professional manner, and take MUS’s work to the next level of structured service provision, some of the services are listed below:

  • Central MUS Madrassa book depot improving the delivery of books to all centres.
  • Training facility for teachers, trustees & scholars.
  • MUS Shariah board access, face to face consultation in a safe office.
  • Conference/meeting facility for MUS and for hire for Momineen (if suitable).
  • Registered office for Marriage registry.
  • Industrial Printing facility for Shia centres across the UK
  • CV & Career workshops
  • Child Safeguarding office

Are you accepting Karza/Loan?

Preferably we are looking for donations, however, if you are able to provide a sizeable loan (Qarz e Hasna)  on flexible or medium-term repayment dates we will definitely consider this kindly.

Qarz e hasana doesn’t have to be paid back, is this what you intended?

Can we donate our khums?

Yes, Majlis e Ulama e Shia (Europe) as a whole and through the leadership of Maulana Ali Raza Rizvi, have Ijaza from 14 of the respected Marja e Karam.

MUS will provide you with one initial receipt, and if requested a direct receipt from the Marja’s office will be provided.

Is it worth spending £460,000?

The building has a commercial value potential of £750,000, the building was repossessed and the bank was looking for a buyer that could exchange contracts immediately, we were able to provide that guarantee above many of the higher bidders, Alhamdulillah, we pray that you can support us in raising the remaining funds in cash as well.

 What does ‘National Resource Centre’ mean?

Majlis e Ulama e Shia (Europe) is an umbrella organisation for over 70 Shia Islamic centres, the biggest consortium of Shia scholars in the UK, the go-to organisation for 1000s of Momineen nationwide. Our physical office, therefore, will be more than just a place to have meetings, it has a much more purposeful intention, to be able to serve in the most professional of ways, we are creating an innovation hub to allow and support local, regional and national projects be a success.  We need this building to be well planned, with the strategic capacity to store books and other resources needed.

By ‘resource’ we do not purely mean storage of assets like books, we believe our biggest assets are the hardworking, innovative professionals who will be able to work all more effectively with this space, they will be able to offer centres with the project and technical support and much more.

Why now?

In 2019 after the MUS (Europe) elections, Maulana Ali Raza Rizvi was re-elected, he made a pledge that he will prioritise the long outstanding constitutional requirement to have an office in/near London since then MUS have diligently been searching for properties, plots of land.

You may remember MUS had started another fundraiser about 4-5 months ago, this was for a residential property in Luton, however, the seller changed their mind on the sale, hence the search restarted.

Masha’Allah, the hard-working Momineen across the UK have managed to open centres across the UK, each one that opens is a moment for celebration, as they are the cornerstone of the communities and the foundation with which their generations will remain connected to the faith.

This resource centre will be a hub for all these centre’s management to gain best practices, seek training, consult with Ulama and other professionals, and access many other services and resources.

Why does MUS need an Office/Building?

Majlis e Ulama e Shia (Europe) has multiple key requirements, with which comes a need for significant building space, in brief, a few of the points are listed below:

Shariah Council – One of the key requirements for a professional consulting service is to have a secure & safe place where Momineen and people with disputes or shari issues can discuss them with the scholars. Currently, it is done over the phone only, but due to the sensitive & complicated nature of these discussions, the best practice is to meet face to face in a safeguarded place.

Training – MUS has been providing training with the help of booking halls and centres, but often there are time restraints, as those centres have their own schedule of programmes that cannot be superseded understandably.

MUS has planned to provide Full day, 2-day training courses, in the near future, across a range of professional and religious subjects for Ulama, Madrassa teachers, centre management and others.

Madrassa Books – Approx 5000 – 7000 books are printed and ready to be distributed to centres across the UK, over the years some centres and businesses had kindly provided large warehouse areas, however, these agreements and arrangements have come to an end.

Over the past 5 years, MUS has expanded and activated the Imamiyyah Council organisation, which has been set up to provide support and services to Islamic centres & Momineen at a national and regional level.

Shia Spouse Services

What service can we add, related to ShiaSpouse?

Why this Location?

Majlis e Ulama e Shia (Europe) had always planned to have an office in London or its surrounds, Crowthorne is easily accessible from West & Central London, Heathrow (Approx 30-35mins by car or train), the building is 1 mile away from Crowthorne Train station.

Crowthorne is a quiet and affluent village with great links to Slough, Reading, Woking, Basingstoke, Maidenhead via M4, M3 and a large road network.

Purchasing in London would be considerably more costly; hence we had been focusing on towns/villages in the surrounds of the Capital