Hazrat Fatimah’s Characteristics (Part 3)

Chastity and veiling

Fatimah (A.S) was the highest example in chastity, honor, and veiling for all Muslim women.

Imam Ali (A.S) said, ‘Once, a blind man asked permission to visit Fatimah (A.S), but she asked him to stay behind a screen. The messenger of Allah (A.S) asked Fatimah (A.S), ‘Why did you screen him though he is blind and could not see you?’

She said, ‘He could not see me, but I could see him.’

The Prophet (A.S) said, ‘I witness that you are a part from me.’

Once, Imam Ali (A.S) asked Fatimah (A.S), ‘When is woman closer to her Lord?’

She said, ‘When she keeps to her house…’

Imam Ali (A.S) offered her answer to the Prophet (A.S) who said, ‘She is true. Fatimah is a part from me.’

Veil is beauty and honor for woman. Whenever woman adorns herself with chastity, she will be in a highest position and most honorable rank besides gaining admiration of the all. But if woman is unveiled and unchaste, she will be worthless in the society and no one will appreciate her. The veil and chastity of Fatimah (A.S) is a high example that every woman who wants to live regardable and honorable in the society.

Deep faith

Definitely, no one can suspect the unequaled faith and worship of Fatimah (A.S). She spent most of her days and nights in worshipping.

Imam Hassan (A.S) said, ‘some night, I saw my mother Fatimah (A.S) in her mihrab bow and prostrate (offer prayers) until the light of morning appeared. I heard her praying Allah for the believing men and the believing women and mentioning them by the name. She prayed Allah for them too much, but without praying for herself. I said to her, ‘Why do you not pray Allah for yourself mother?’

She said, ‘O my son, the neighbor (first) and then the house…’

Al-Hassan al-Basri said about Fatimah (A.S), ‘No one in the umma worshipped Allah more than Fatimah (A.S). She offered prayers in the night until her feet swelled.’

It was transmitted from Fatimah (A.S) her saying, ‘Whoever raises his true worship to Allah, Allah will send down to him the best of his benefit.’

Fatimah (A.S) assigned the last hours of the day of Fridays for Allah the Almighty. In the last ten days of Ramadhan, Fatimah (A.S) spent all the night in worshipping and supplicating, and she encouraged all those in her house to spend the night in worshipping and supplicating. Her feet swelled because of her long standing before Allah the Almighty.