Which expenses are deductible from my income?

All expenses as long as they are within means.

Deductible expenses include:

• Food and drink
• Clothing
• Residence and accommodation (rent and mortgage payments)
• Furniture
• Household items and appliances
• Marriage costs
• Car and transport
• Holidays and vacations
• Hajj and ziyarah
• Charity (obligatory and voluntary)
• Gifts given
• Provision for guests
• Medical expenses
• Financial liabilities under the Sharia, such as recompense (kaffarah), compensative payments for missing a fast in Ramadan (fidyah), and avowed liabilities (nadhr)
• Insurance
• Repayment of loans
• Books and apps
• Education
• Utility, internet, and telephone bills
• Maintenance and repairs
• Mandatory pension deductions
• Government taxes and penalties
• Toys for children
• Decorative items for the home
• Payment of wages
• Membership dues
• Business expenditure including wages, rent, insurance, and taxes
• Depreciation in a commodity or loss of a commodity

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