Jamadi al Ula

The life of Zainab binte Ali (as)

Name: Zainab a.s Title: Siddiqa-e-Sughra,Aqeelah Bani Hashim. Kuniyat: Umm-ul-Massaib Born at: Medina on 5th of Jamadiul Awaal Father: Imam Ali (as) Mother: Sayyida Fatimah (as) It was in 5th Hijrah that Prophet Muhammad‟s (s.a.w) daughter Sayyida Fatimah Zahra (a.s) had a baby girl. Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) named her ZAINAB a.s …

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Worship and Servitude of Bibi Zainab (A.S)

 Zainab (PBUH) learned from the Holy Qur’an that the objective of creating man is for him to reach the pinnacle of servitude.[1] “We did not create the jinn and men except to worship us.” [Qur’an 51:56]  She had seen her parents worshiping and saying night prayers. She witnessed her brother …

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The Examples of Lady Zainab and Lady Sakina

 Lady Zainab, daughter of Imam Ali (peace be upon them both): For those who know the story and events of Karbala and Ashura, a few seconds of thought about what the name “Zainab” means to us can go something along the lines of: bravery, courage, strength, passion, dedication, love, leader, …

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